Our Approach

Optimal Energy Group (OEG) has developed Total Energy Solution Process to maximize the benefits to the end customers. The process takes a four-stage approach to minimize cost and maximize benefits to our customer base. After every stage, there is a meeting with customer stake holders to review the project report and assess if project should ontinue on the the next stage.


  • High-Level assessment of the customer facility to assess opportunities.
  • Analyze one-two years of energy bills.
  • Initial Assessment report that identifies opportunities with approximate savings estimates


  • Detailed Audit conducted by certified auditors. Analyze Thermal Envelope, Lighting, equipments and HVAC systems.
  • Measure Power Quality, Consumption and usage patterns using energy. meters.
  • OEG Engineers to analyze factual data and identify problem areas to maximize savings.
  • Price the replacement and calculate pay-back period and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Prepare Measure Phase report with energy savings recommendations and Cash-Flow calculations.
  • Assist with funding, grants and incentives to further improve the payback period.
  • Fix-bid implementation contract along with Gauranteed ROI (Typically 3-5 years)


  • Optimal Energy Group will manage overall implementation and be responsible for the delivery and payback.
  • Prepare implementation plan based on payback and customer requirements.
  • Source qualified sub-contractors to implement their respective areas as per specifications provided by OEG.
  • Process grant paper work if so desired by the customer.
  • Project Completion and acceptance by the customer


  • Six month review to assess the benefit of implementation.
  • Educate Customers where necessary to ensure that they continue to get the desired benefits.